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About - Borrow Experience™

Jobs2Gain is launching the Borrow Experience portal on the initiative of its DirectorNikita who is a CFA Level 3 candidate and has experience of handling transaction work for the last 5 years. She is a Kamla Nehru college (Delhi University) alumni. JObs2Gain was a head hunting company which was servicing multiple corporate clients but had since last few years suspended its operations.

It is our firm belief that experience has no substitute. There is a consistent demand for experienced and seasoned human resources by entities particularly from those located in Africa who are looking at participation in Tenders and those who are setting up new businesses where skills are not easily available. This demand is also from new startups who cannot afford to keep full time experienced resources but are still wanting to get the benefit of experience.

At the same time there is a large pool of superannuated resources from a plethora of public sector and private sector entities. All these resources have gathered years and decades of experience and are willing to share the same and engage as a guide or even help set up new businesses in their individual areas of expertise.

This is an initiative of Jobs2Gain to act as a bridge between this demand and supply.