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Making a ready platform player!

For large Power projects where the Development Financial Institutions take financial exposure (for instance The African Development Bank), there is a necessity to appoint a Project Manager before the award of work and normally the Project Manager is also required while the tender is being drawn up for award of the Power project. The role of the Project Manager is also important at each stage of drawdown of funds.

India has abundant human resources to form a strong Project Management team as required above.

If the Grey Hairs give us an opportunity,we can facilitate formation of a Project Management Team by way of an AOP (association of persons) and can work on getting the same empaneled with the development financial institutions.

  • ·         Design engineering
  • ·         Mechanical/Electrical engineer with design knowledge specific to the source of energy
  • ·         Production manager
  • ·         Co-ordinates external service providers (Graphic Designer, Photographers, Printers)
  • ·         Quality control and quality management plans that establish audit requirements with the client
  • ·         Provide technical assistance and advisory services
  • ·         Reporting and communication through report preparation/highlighting technical solutions and bottlenecks
  • ·         Overall project implementation experience
  • ·         Electric power and transmission engineer
  • ·         surveying client’s power generation assets, producing risk assessments, loss estimates and conducting training and benchmarking exercises. 
  • ·         Instrumentation specialist
  • ·         identify and prioritize opportunities for energy savings through data analysis, visual inspection, and the use of various diagnostic tools
  • ·         Planning and implementing transmission and distribution networks
  • ·         engineers to solve complex transmission and distribution problems and produce innovative, high-quality, cost-effective solutions.
  • ·         Experience of overhead power lines and towers, transformers and reactive compensation equipment, substations, and switchyards
  • ·         Grid planning, connection support, civil and electrical engineering design and smart grid development

When we see a potential candidate in any field the requirement is of domain knowledge and relevant work experience in the same. We aspire is to build a strong team who can smoothly carry out the work by displaying technical as well as soft skills.The skill set includes but is not limited to Project planning/Project management/Vendor management/Procurement/Business strategy/Budgeting/Risk management/Leadership/Contract negotiation/Problem solving/Professional certifications in project management/Analytical skills/Microsoft suite.

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