Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated on 6th May 2021

Our privacy policy is applicable to the personal identifiable (PI) and/or personal sensitive (PS) information collected from you and disclosed by you as the case may be (also referred to as Personal Data) while using the Borrow Experience website, which is a SBU of Jobs2Gain India Private Limited (a limited liability company in India having Corporate Identity Number: U74999DL2001PTC112352), having its registered office at N- Block, Greater Kailash, Part I, New Delhi – 110048.

Once you start dealing with us on any transaction or physically as the case may be, the Privacy Policy and the confidentiality will be governed by an NDA executed between Borrowexp and yourself and this policy as contained herein shall no longer be applicable.

By using this site and submitting Personal Data, you agree we can use it for the purpose of matching your information with the requirement that our client/user has or to look for clients who are operating in the space in which you have the relevant experience or to fulfill the purposes for which this website has been created.

Your experience and credentials on a no name basis can be used by us for soliciting clients. We shall take complete care that your information is not accessible to anyone other than our employees, advisors, and service providers that too only on a strictly need to know basis. We shall executean agreement with these persons stating that they shall maintain confidentiality, security, and integrity of Personal Data.

Personal information is being voluntarily provided by you

You are responsible for verifying the information you are submitting to us and the continuing accuracy of said information.

We usually collect your personal information when you:

  1. (a).  Register with us or
  2. (b). Contact us or make any enquiry or query or comment or contribute to the blogs and writeups

If you want to complaint about anything you don’t approve as ethical or correct you can do so to our legal counsel Mr. Akshay Bhandari at:

You are requested to check this page from time to time, because we can make both minor and major changes to this policy. Whenever there is a minor change the same can be known by looking at the ‘Last Updated on ……..’ at top of this page. When there is a major change the same will be explained by way of a separate note which shall also appear on the top of this page.